Low Voltage Control Systems

There are many control systems for the many low voltage components in modern buildings.   As these become more and more controlled by web based "apps", users expect more central control of all the electronics in the building.    But the "languages" and even the wireless protocols that each manufacturer uses is not standardized.  Delivering on this promise of smart controls is the work of specialized "integrators" until a standardized electronics control protocol exists. 



  • Card access controls, keypad access, key systems. 
  • remote openers
  • access reporting

Security cameras

  • Recording
  • Cloud storage
  • Fire / smoke / Carbon Monoxide detection
  • Central station reporting
  • Interface with sprinkler systems

Systems controlled or shut down in the event of fire.  

  • Duct detectors shut down HVAC blowers
  • Breakers shut off elevator controls.  

Water sensors shutoff water supply:  minimize flodding damage

HVAC Controls

  • Thermostats:  web based, smart programming, "self learning" programming
  • Web based reporting and analysis tool


  • Music
  • Annunciation
  • Intercom


  • Television:  cable, internet, satellite 
  • Video storage:  central collection and distribution
  • Projectors
  • Point of sales system
  • Displays


Telephone, VOIP

Lighting Control Systems 

Occupancy sensors
Exterior lighting timers, motion detection
Theatrical lighting and controls