I'm building the Syndey Opera House.

(for my daughters kindergarten class).  Requirements: 

  1. The structure creates a kindergarten reading corner. 
  2. Able to erected by the kids, at least in part. 
  3. No budget.  Most of my clients at least pretend to have a budget.  Here, there are no illusions. 
yes, THAT Sydney Opera House

yes, THAT Sydney Opera House

My daughter is a special ed teacher-specialist in an integrated classroom.  They are studying Australia.  "Dad, I volunteered you to build the Sydney Opera House".   The original architect of the SOH, Jorn Utzon won an international competition to design and build this landmark.  Most folks don't know that the Aussies grew tired of Utzons difficulties in finishing this extraordinary icon and fired him!    My idea is a framework of flexible PVC tubes with a base with angular bored holes so the kids can insert the tubes.   I think it might be nice just as an open framework but a shell of fabric may work too.   To be continued...

SOH sketch.jpg