Springton Lake Facade Designs

New Facade Designs

Doubling the size of the structure brings with it the challenge of using existing design cues while introducing a compatible and distinct enhancement.    We felt the addition should have a traditional sloping roof that connotes an approachable scale with standing seam metal matching the existing mansard.  A covered portico entry has been added. The new meeting room is given a tall feature window.  Its interior will be taller, with a vaulted ceiling, to give it addition appeal as a special space. A new covered portico is added to the new wing. 

1-SLPC Aerial SE with roof removed-001.jpg

Springton Lake Church: Zoning and Site Plan Approval

For a design to be successful, it has to be sensitive to its site and neighbors, fulfill the needs of its users and accomplish its creative goals.  But when zoning relief is required, I tell clients there is only one requirement: "make friends".    Reach out to the community to explain who you are, what the project seeks to accomplish and find out how you and the project can be a good neighbor.   The Springton Lake Church building committee took this advice to heart and visited with every neighbor within a thousand feet, got input and made positive connections.    The township rewarded the effort with its full support.   

The rendering above is the fellowship hall which can furnish with intimate areas or large flexible uses.  A complete restructuring of existing classrooms and the addition of new classrooms, offices and commercial kitchen are also included.   The up-swept roof opens to a wooded view with an environmentally beneficial "green roof" that retains water, insulates, and looks great. 

For a complete presentation of the project, click here. 

Home with a view

Design Development drawings of a new design/build project.  Located on a local highpoint, the site has outstanding views from a steeply sloping site.    The clients want a single large flowing living space on the 1st floor to include living room, dining room and kitchen.    Another interesting space requested by the clients is a day room that will be the center of activity for everything from working with the kids homework, crafts, washing the dog, and laundry.   These spaces plus a sun room will be organized along the mountain side views.

Society Hill Home, Courtyard Plan

This is a small space, but a large part of living in this home so we want to look carefully at how to improve it.  Here we look at the design concept and how we've applied used solar studies to refine it.    Right now it is underused, with a prefab storage shed, trashcans and air conditioner units.  We're relocating the units onto the roof of the elevator and the storage and trashcans will be organized into the ends of a pergola seating area.

Society Hill Historic Home: Survey and Concepts

Renovations to this historically certified house include a three stop elevator, new enlarged kitchen, family room, dining room, re-structuring of stairway and 2nd floor modifications.

The video here is a overview of existing conditions and design options.   It's a great project for illustrating the design process.