Big Builders, Big Problems

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Profits vs. Professionalism.

Design Build LLC has a specific vision of design and construction: define success, create designs and solutions to achieve it, and follow that process all the way through to its completion. Watching the practices of production builders like Toll Brothers, with their emphasis on sales appeal and their reliance on bottom dollar subcontractors banging out the majority of their work and “site supervisors” over tasked with finishing the production progress, no one is really looking at the details that are the difference between success and failure. In this major Philadelphia Inquirer expose about major headaches and losses by area families at the hands of big builders that produce the majority of the regions homes, the practices dictated by profit have resulted in major heartbreak and financial loss for hundreds of homeowners.

“... the problem is caused primarily by inadequate architectural and construction oversight, as well as builders’ design and construction practices that failed to comply with building code.” Inquirer Article

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The solution is careful and skillful oversight of your professional from the first concept sketches through construction process.