Thoughts on Design/Build

There is joy in seeing a project from concept through construction.  From working with clients on the creative aspects of the architectural work, bringing in the expertise and creativity of engineers and special consultants that support and challenge the design, to working with craftsmen from the first shovel and the client's first blush of excitement, through snow, mud and sometimes perfect sunshine;  the grind of schedules and co-ordination, until the sudden sunrise of completion.   The smell of freshly turned earth mixed, wet concrete and sawdust is every bit as heady as the cerebral pursuits of design and engineering.    Client's and tradesmen's paths may cross just once in a life time and each is richer for it.  When we are able to bring good people together in the cause of a lasting outcome, it's a subtle thrill and privilege. 


Personally, I am as happy drawing a landscape design in the mud as on a computer.   A great day for me is standing on a ladder with a laser and a marker sketching trim and cabinetry on plywood and framing.  No matter how good the craftsmen or how technologically perfect the drawings and management, good work requires this more often than not.