Framing Our Thoughts

Someone once told me "your company can do such great work because you have all the best people".  My response was, "no, we can do such great work because we've managed to survive all the BAD people".   Many thanks to some of the good people, Junior and Sam Riehl and crew for helping us "frame" our ideas, Leon & Vasily and crew for wonderful finish trim, inside and out.

Exterior Trim Details

This exterior show truss is formed by heat bending the exterior trim material to 275 degrees then bending around a form to create the curved sides.  

Framing Nearing Completion, Time to Plan Details

Spring may actually arrive with the snow gone.  The framing is topping out and its time to think about details. We'll be fabricating two 14' long curved "show rafters", which is a long curve supported by brackets.   There will be one in the gable on the left and one at the right, over the garage.

Our trim crew will be fabricating this on site, so all of the blocking for it is planned now as well as the detailing to co-ordinate their installation.